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Everything is different now.

It’s like you’ve been broken in two.

There was you from before this devastating loss – happy, hopeful, and enthusiastic for the future. And then there’s you now – confused, angry, and unspeakably sad.

All the plans for your future are suddenly gone. You’ve lost someone you love, lost a job, been diagnosed with a chronic illness, divorced, or had a significant life transition. And you’re grieving.

You’re not sure where to go from here.

It’s difficult to accept what’s happened, let alone actually begin to process it.

An integral part of what made you yourself has been taken away, and you don’t know who you are now.

You can’t see any way forward, and it feels hopeless.

It’s affecting your entire life.

You’ve begun avoiding friends and family for fear they’ll realize how much you’re struggling.

Nothing seems to matter. Finding the motivation to eat well or exercise feels impossible.

Sleep is elusive, and self-care has gone out the window.

You’ve tried finding some solution yourself, but it’s useless.

Ignoring how you’re feeling and hoping things improve on their own is not working.

Willing yourself to “muscle through” and “toughen up” just make you more paralyzed by shame.

You’re starting to wonder if you’ll feel like this forever.

There is another way.

You deserve a safe space to explore your distress and confusion.

It’s possible to rediscover the peace and solace that’s been missing.

Now is the time to tap into your vast reserves of strength. And I can help.

Hi, I’m Karen.

And I’m here to help you forge your own path on this unique healing journey.

Everyone experiences grief differently, and through our work, you’ll learn to recognize and respect your own patterns of grief and healing.

In our sessions, you’ll develop the coping skills to process your feelings in a more compassionate and constructive way.

Therapy can be hard work, but I promise you that it is well worth it. Don’t give up!

Reach out now, and see just how much better things can get.

Rediscover the real you.

I can’t wait to walk with you and provide unconditional support, guidance, and encouragement every step of the way.

Call me, and let’s take the next step on your healing journey together.